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Troy Priest's Map of Sinop
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Sinop Business cards
Pilot "Jungle Jim" Truett The Sinop Knife Maker
Troy's Sinop Cartoons
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Troy's photos of Sinop (numbers refer to map of Sinop, see above)
The hangar at the airfield - ESEK airlines
One of our trusty mail planes
Crew working on crash truck at the airfield.
"Esek" ('donkey', namesake of the airline) in center of picture.
Down the hill toward Sinop - Winter 75-76.
Down the hill toward Sinop - Spring/Summer 1976.
From clock tower (58) looking toward old tower near tea house (63)
From clock tower ? (map 58)
From clock tower (58) toward Yeni Hotel (86)
From clock tower (58) down at Ataturk Caddesi - our bus
J. D. Swain at the base of the clock tower, pretending he fell
Tower at the foot of the pier (map 64, 65)
Ataturk Monument (map 67)
Watchtower (22) and Packing House Dock (23)
From somewhere along Emete Wall (map 17)
From junction of Tide Break (37) & Pier (66), back toward Watchtower (22)
These guys were smoking and taking a break until they saw the camera
and posed for us.
Rob Lessig on the main dock in Sinop
One of the colorful boats that travels 'round the Black Sea
Some of the larger boats from the fishing fleet.
One of the smaller fishing boats.
Part of the base - Chapel on left, Hospital in center.
A view of part of the base. The dish antenna is tech control.
Farther right, in the distance, is Hippodrome.
Crypto (female), our mascot 75-76.

The following items were downloaded from the TUSLOG Detachment 4 Hippodrome computer, which was simply known as GIGI when I was there in 1975-76. As far as I know, unless an author is specified, all these items were anonymous. )
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thank God. By successfully reading this, you have released our souls from the black and eternal memory banks of GIGI. Your soul is now doomed for eternity, captive victim of GIGI's madness, until some future mech reads this tape.

Goodbye, yeni.

Tech Supreme Kolar
SP6 'One-of-the-guys' Fenton

P.S. – Say hi to Hag, the recorder mech, whose soul is still trapped somewhere in the interface.

( That was the first message that greeted us when, in 1976, we were first able to access GIGI. Several months before, all operations at the base had ceased due to a dispute between the Turkish and American governments over whether Turkey, a NATO ally, could use American made and supplied to weapons to invade Cyprus and fight the Greeks, another NATO ally. All that was left at the base was a skeleton maintenance crew, enough to staff the communications center, supply, motor pool, finance, personnel – the basic support services. We had heard there was quite a bit of material stored in GIGI, but everyone who knew how to access it was gone, so we had to put our heads together and spend quite a bit of time digging it out. This is a collection of that material, along with some new stuff we added during our tour. By now, perhaps, some other poor, unsuspecting soul has once again stumbled across GIGI's secret files. I hope they enjoyed them as much as we did. )

Ballad of the ASA Notice of Return
The Land that God Forgot Life on the Hill The Soldier
The ASA A Lifer's Prayer The 23rd Army Regulation Turtle SOP
Ten Commandments of the Army Short Timer's Code of Conduct
Product of Our Time Sinop Dictionary Used Equipment for Sale
History of Sinop Parts 1, 2 Parts 3, 4 Parts 5 ,6 Part 7

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