Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 13:45:06 -0400
From: Burt Slesinger <>
Subject: ASA Asgmt Locations - Decode gp05

ASA Asgmt Locations - Decode


Even as I labor away with my next newsletter, and a number of other things, I thought I'd do something I've been promising for about 4 years.

At last, the eagerly anticipated, long awaited, highly vaunted (yeah, I know what that means!), abundantly useful (to a few), listing of little known, little cared about ASA assignment location facts(?), is at hand.

A few notes are in order:
* This is the "decode" list so that when, in the near future, I start including individuals' assignment info, you can start to see who served where and when, and with you - possibly.
* Each code group consists of an alpha, alpha-numeric, or numeric trigraph denoting an organization and/or location, followed by four digits denoting "year from" and "year to."
* The capital letter "O" is not used in the code groups.
* Locations, unit designations, subordination, and unit supported data came from y'all. I welcome any and all corrections/adjustments you may now wish to offer. Clarification of some of the "unks" would also be helpful to somebody someday doing a "family tree." Oh, if you guys disagree on anything, I'm going to put you in touch with one another to "beat" out the correct data.
* Corrections, additions, deletions, etc. to this listing will be handled in the newsletter in the same manner as I have been doing e-mail and web site addresses.
* An "encode" list will not be published, but I'm sure, if you want one, you're enterprising enough to create it.
* Again, as an example of how the coding works, following are my own assignments:
SSM4849 SCB4949 1265051 SIG5152 3075253 3315253 5025354 3325455
NSA5558 T045859 1825959 AEF5962 SFD6263 ASA6367 CGS6768 SYA6869
* There are undoubtedly several other things I could or should point out, but they excape me at the moment. So, here goes:

ASA Asgmt Locs (read assigned code, unit designator, unit subordinate to or supporting, state/country-location) -
01M, 1st MI Co, 1st Div, KS-Fort Riley
02A, 102nd ASA Det, 102 ASA?, Germany-Aschaffenberg
02B, 302nd ASA Bn, 507th ASA Group, Germany-Bamberg
02H, 302nd CR Bn, 502nd CR Group, Germany-Herzo Base
02M, 2nd MI Bn, unk, Germany-Frankfurt
03C, 303rd ASA Bn, unk, CO-Fort Carson
03H, B Co, 303rd, 303rd ASA Bn, TX-Fort Hood
03K, 303rd CR Bn, unk, ROK-unk
03L, unk, 303rd RR Bn, RVN-Long Binh
03M, 303 MI Bn, unk, TX-Fort Hood
03R, 3rd RRU, unk, RVN-Saigon/Danang
03T, 3rd RRU, unk, RVN-Tan-An
03V, 303rd RR Bn, 509th RRG, RVN-Bien Hoa
03W, 303rd ASA Bn, unk, TX-Camp/Fort Wolters
04D, 504th ASA Gp, unk, MA-Fort Devens
04M, 504th MI Bn, unk, TX-Fort Hood
06H, 6th ASAFS, unk, FL-Homestead AFB
07A, 507th USASA Gp, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Augsburg
07B, 507th USASA Gp, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Baumholder
07C, 507th USASA Gp C/SEC Plt, 507th ASA Gp, Germany-Stuttgart
07D, 507th USASA Gp C/SEC Plt, 507th ASA Gp, Germany-Baumholder
07F, USASAFS 8607, unk, AK-Fairbanks
07M, 207 MI Bde, VII Corps, Germany-Stuttgart
100, 100th ASA Det, USASA Hq, NM-White Sands
101, 101st RR Co, 509th RRG, RVN-Saigon
102, 102nd ASA Det, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Heidelberg
103, 103rd Det, unk, France-Orleans (from 852nd CRD, 11/56)
104, 104th ASA Det, unk, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
10R, 10th RRU, 371st RR Co, RVN-unk
10K, Detachment, 8610 AAU, Japan-Kumamoto
111, 111th Sig Svc Co, unk, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
114, 114th Sig Svc Co, unk, Germany-Herzo Base/Scheyern
11R, 11th RRU, 337th RRC, RVN-unk
126, 126th Sig Svc Co, unk, Japan-Kyoto (Fushimi Momoyama)
127, 127th Radio Intel Co (SIS), unk, Multi-US & China-Burma-India
12A, 312th CR Bn, unk, Austria-unk
12H, 102nd ASA Co, unk, TX-Fort Hood
138, 138th Avn Co, unk, RVN-Danang
13B, Co B/313, 313d ASA Bn, KY-Fort Campbell
13C, 313th, unk, KY-Fort Campbell
13D, 313th Det, unk, MD-Fort Meade
13G, 313th ASA Bn, unk, FL-Grassy Key
13H, Co D/313th, 313 ASA Bn, TX-Fort Hood
13K, 313th CR Co, unk, ROK-unk
13M, 103rd MI Bn, unk, Germany-Würzburg
13R, 313th Bn , unk, Germany-Rothwesten
13V, 313th RR Bn, 509th RRG, RVN-Nha Trang
144, 144th Avn Co, unk, RVN-unk
14A, Det A/114, 114th SSC, Germany-unk
14B, 114th Sig Svc Co, unk, Germany-Baumholder
14C, 114th Sig Svc Co, unk, Germany-Coburg
156, 156 ASA Avn Co, unk, TX-Fort Bliss
15C, 156 ASA Avn Co, unk, RVN-Can Tho
16B, Det B/116, 116th Sig Svc Co, Italy-Trieste
16C, Co C/316, 316th ASA Bn, AZ-Fort Huachuca
16F, 116th Sig Svc Co, unk, Germany-Hof
16G, 116th Sig Svc Co, unk, Germany-Coburg
16H, 116th Sig Svc Co, unk, Germany-Heilbronn
16M, 116th Sig Svc Co, unk, Germany-Baumholder
16S, 116th Sig Svc Co, unk, Germany-Scheyern
175, 175th RR Co, 509th RRG, RVN-Bien Hoa
176, 176th RR Co, unk, Taiwan-Shu Lin Kou
177, 177th ASA Co, unk, ROK-Pyong Taek
179, 179th USASA Co, unk, Japan-Miho
17H, 17th ASA Det, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Heidelberg (pre-102d)
17R, 17th FS, unk, Germany-Rothwesten
17V, 317th ??????, unk, RVN-unk
180, 180th ASA Co, unk, Germany-Bad Aibling [5/1/55]
181, 181st Co, unk, Germany-Bad Aibling
182, 182nd ASA Co, 319th ASA Bn, Germany-Rothwesten (339 til 57)
183, 183rd USASA Co, unk, Germany-Herzo Base
184, 184th ASA Co, 319th ASA Bn, Germany-Rothwesten
186, 186th ASA Co, unk, Germany-Bad Aibling
18A, Co A-Det A/318, 318th ASA Bn, Germany-unk
18G, Det/318, 318th ASA Bn, Germany-Giebelstadt
19M, 519th MI Bn, unk, RVN-unk
1AB, 1st Aviation Co (ASA), unk, GA-Fort Benning
1AD, 1st Armored Div, unk, unk
1AS, 1st Aviation Co (ASA), unk, OK-Fort Sill
1AV, 1st RR Co (Avn) , 509th RRG, RVN-Cam Ranh Bay
1FV, IFFV, unk, RVN-Dalat
1P1, 1st Platoon, 101st RR Co, RVN-Danang
1P2, 2nd Platoon, 101st RR Co, RVN-Pleiku
1RS, 1st Radio Sqdn Mobile, unk, Japan-Johnson Field
1SD, 1st USASASAD , unk, Japan-Atsugi NAS
201, 201st ASA Co, unk, Germany-Augsburg
202, 202d Co, unk, Germany-Augsburg
20F, 8620 AAU, Hq ASA, Germany-Frankfurt
20H, 202nd ASA Co, unk, TX-Fort Hood
20R, 200th Det-ASA Rsrvs, unk, unk
21B, Co B-321st ASA Bn, 321st ASA Bn, ROK-Tong Du Chon
21I, Det I, 201st ASA Co, Germany-unk
21M, Det M/201, 201st ASA Co, Germany-unk
221, 221st Avn Bn, unk, RVN-Davis Station
224, 224th Avn Bn, 509th RRG, RVN-unk
226, 226th(?) USASA Opns Co, unk, ROK-Kanghwa Do Island
24M, 124th MI Bn, 24th Inf Div, GA-Fort Stewart
251, 251st Processing Co, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Frankfurt
252, 252nd Processing Co, 9th USASAFS, Philippines-Clark AFB
25D, 25th DARRS Team, unk, RVN-unk
25S, USASA SigSec Det, w/25 Inf, HI-Schofield Barracks
25Z, 251st ASA Det, unk, AZ-Fort Huachuca
265, 265th RR Co [Det?] , unk, KY-Fort Campbell
26C, 326th CR Co, unk, ROK-unk [poss same as 6SK]
26F, 126th ASA Co, unk, Japan-Fuchinobe
26G, 326th Co, unk, Germany-Augsburg
26H, Hakata Det, 126th Sig Svc Co, Japan-Hakata
26I, DF Det, 326th CR Co, ROK-Inchon Pen
26K, 126th Sig Svc Co, ROK-unk
26R, 326th ASA Co, unk, KS-Fort Riley
26S, 126th ASA Det 4, 126th ASA, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
26X, 260th ASA Det, unk, Germany-Berlin
26Y, Ashiya AFB Det, 126th Sig Svc Co, Japan-Ashiya AFB
277, 277th USASA Co, unk, ROK-Kanghwa Do
279, 279th USASA Det. , unk, Germany-Wobeck
27J, 327th CR Co, unk, Japan-unk
27M, 2nd Platoon, 279th ASA Co, Germany-Mount Meissner
27S, 327th ASA Co, unk, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
280, 280th USASA Co, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Berlin
28A, 328th Co, unk, Germany-Augsburg
28B, 328th CR Co, unk, Germany-Bad Aibling
28D, 328th CR Co, unk, MA-Fort Devens
28X, 280th ASA Det, unk, Germany-Berlin
29C, 329th CR Co, 501st ASA Gp, ROK-Chunchon
29K, 329th CR Co, unk, ROK-unk
29P, 329th CR Co, 501st ASA Gp, ROK-Chip-o-ri
29V, 329th CRC, unk, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
2AV, 2nd USASA Avn Co, unk, AZ-Fort Huachuca ???
2EW, 2nd EW, unk, Germany-Augsburg
2ID, 2nd Inf Div, unk, ROK-unk
2S5, Det 5/2d Sig, 2nd Sig Svc Bn, HI-Helemano
2S6, Det 6/2nd Sig, 2nd Sig Svc Bn, Germany-Herzo Base
2SS, 2nd Sig Svc Bn, USASA Hq, VA-Arlington Hall Station
2ST, 2nd Sig Svc Bn, USASA Hq, CA-Two Rock Ranch Station
2SV, 2nd Sig Svc Bn, USASA Hq, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
301, 301 ASA Bn, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
302, 302nd CR Bn, 502nd CR Gp, Germany-Heilbronn
303, 303rd ASA Bn, unk, GA-Fort Benning
304, 304th CR Bn, unk, ROK-unk
307, 307th CR Bn, 502nd CR Gp, Germany-Giessen
30A, 330th EW Avn Co, unk, Germany-Kaiserslautern
30B, 303rd ASA Bn, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
30D, 2/330 RR, 330th RR Bn?/Co, RVN-unk
30H, 303rd ASA Bn, unk, TX-Fort Hood
30V, 330th RR Co, unk, RVN-Pleiku
30W, 330th ASA Co, 303rd ASA Bn, TX-Camp/Fort Wolters
311, 311 CR Bn, unk, TX-Fort Hood
312, 312th CR Bn, unk, Germany-Bad Aibling
313, 313th CR Bn, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
315, 315th ASA Bn, unk, AZ-Fort Huachuca
316, 316th ASABn, unk, TX-Camp/Fort Wolters
317, 317 ASA Bn, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
318, 318th ASA Bn, unk, Germany-Herzo Base
319, 319th USASA Bn, unk, Germany-Rothwesten
31B, 311 ASA Bn, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
31C, 311 ASA Bn, unk, KY-Fort Campbell
31D, 311 CR/USASA Bn, unk, MA-Fort Devens
31F, 331st RR Co, unk, Germany-Hof
31G, 331st ASA Co, unk, Germany-Karlsruhe
31N, 331st CR Co, unk, Germany-Heilbronn
31R, 331st CR Co, unk, Germany-Baumholder
31W, 311th USASA Bn, unk, TX-Camp/Fort Wolters
320, 320th USASA Bn, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Bad Aibling
321, 321st ASA Bn, unk, ROK-unk
326, 326th CR Co, unk, Japan-Kyoto
327, 327th CR Co, unk, Taiwan-Shu Lin Kou
328, 328th RR Co, unk, RVN-Chu Lai
329, 329th CR Co, unk, VA-Camp Pickett
32A, Det A/332, 332 CR Co, Germany-Altefeld
32B, 326th USASA Co, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
32C, 332nd CR Co, 312th CR Bn, Germany-Bad Aibling
32D, 328th RR Co, unk, RVN-Danang
32F, 302 Bn, unk, Germany-Frankfurt
32G, 332nd ASA Co, unk, Germany-Bad Aibling
32H, 332nd CR Co, 302nd CR Bn, Germany-Herzo Base
32K, 332nd ASA Opns Co, unk, ROK-unk
32N, 332nd CR Co, 302nd CR Bn, Germany-Heilbronn
32S, Detachment, 332 CR Co, Germany-Schweinfurt
32U, Detachment, 332 CR Co, Germany-Furth
330, 330th CR Co, unk, ROK-Miari
331, 331st CR Co, 307th CR Bn, Germany-Giessen
332, 332nd CR Co, 302nd CR Bn, Germany-Bamberg
333, 333rd CR Co, unk, AK-St. Lawrence Is., Gambell
334, 334th CR Co, unk, Germany-Mannheim
335, 335th RRU, unk, KS-Fort Riley
336, 336th CR Co, 311th CR Bn, MA-Fort Devens
337, 337th ASA Co, unk, KS-Fort Riley
338, 338th RR Avn Co, unk, RVN-unk
339, 339th ASA Co, unk, Germany-Rothwesten
33B, 333rd CR Co, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
33P, 333rd CR Co, unk, VA-Camp Pickett
344, 344 ASA Co (Reserves?) , unk, MA-Fort Devens
34E, 334th CR Co, unk, Germany-Eschwege
34F, 304th ASA Co, unk, Germany-Fulda
34H, 334th CR Co, unk, Germany-Herzo Base
351, 351 CR Co, unk, MA-Fort Devens
352, 352nd ASA Co, unk, CO-Fort Carson
354, 354 CR Co, 307th CR Bn, Germany-Giessen
356, 356th CR Co, unk, Japan, Fuchinobe/Yamato
358, 358th ASA Co, 313 ASA Bn, NC-Fort Bragg
359, 359 CR Co, 503 Gp, MA-Fort Devens
35K, 352 ASA Co, unk, ROK-unk
35V, 335th Co/319th Bn, 319th Bn, RVN-Dong Tam
35V, 335th RR Co, 303rd RR Bn, RVN-Can Tho
36F, 326th Co, unk, Taiwan-unk
370, 370th ASA Ops, unk, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
371, 371st ASA Co, 303rd ASA Bn, TX-Fort Hood
372, 372nd RRU [17th RRU] , unk, RVN-unk
373, 373rd USASA Co, 311 ASA Bn, TX-Fort Hood
374, 374th RR Co, unk, RVN-unk
375, 375th Co, 303 Bn, TX-Fort Hood
376, 376th ASA C&P, unk, MD-Fort Meade
37B, 337th CR Co, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
37D, 337th CR Co, unk, MA-Fort Devens
37K, 371st CR Co, unk, RVN-An Khe
37M, 307th MI Bn, unk, Germany-Ludwigsburg
37R, 307th CR Bn, unk, Germany-Rothwesten
37V, 337th RR Co, unk, RVN-Di An/Lai Khe
39H, 339th ASA Co, unk, Germany-Herzo Base
3RJ, Det J/3rd RRU, 3rd RRU, RVN-Phu Bai/Ubon
401, 401st ASA Det, ASA Southern Cmd, Panama Canal Zone-unk
402, 402nd RR SOD, unk, RVN-Nha Trang
403, 403rd RR SOD, 509th RRG, RVN-unk
404, 404th RR Det, unk, RVN-Bong Song
405, 405th ASA Det, unk, RVN-Bien Hoa
406, 406th RRD, 1 Bde/101, RVN-unk
407, 407th RRD, unk, RVN-Quang Tri
408, 408th ASA Det, ASA Southern Cmd, Panama Canal Zone-unk
409, 409th Co, unk, Germany-Augsburg
40H, 404th RRD, 173d Abn Bde, RVN-Bien Hoa
415, 415th ASA Co, unk, Germany-Idar Oberstein
41S, 401st USASA SOD, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
41Z, 401st USASA SOD, unk, Panama Canal Zone-Ft Gulick
420, 420th USASA SOD, unk, AK-Fort Richardson
42D, 402d ASA SOD, unk, MA-Fort Devens
430, 430th RRD, unk, RVN-unk
46K, 146th ASA Avn Co, unk, ROK-unk
46V, 146th Avn Co, 224th Avn Bn, RVN-unk
471, 471st ??, unk, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
48V, 408th RR Det, unk, RVN-Tay Ninh/Chu Lai
49L, 409th RRD, 11th ACR, RVN-Long Giao
49V, 409th RR Det, unk, RVN-Xuan Loc
501, 501st CR Group, unk, ROK-Seoul
502, 502nd CR Group, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Heilbronn
504, 504th ASA Gp (CEWI) , unk, GA-Hunter AAF
505, 505th ASA Co (Reserve), unk, unk
507, 507th USASA Gp, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Heilbronn
508, 508th ASA Gp, unk, ROK-Yong Dong Po
509, 509th RR Gp, USASAFE/PAC Hq, RVN-Saigon
51D, Det D, 501st ASA Gp, ROK-Kanghwa Do Island
51G, 501st MI Gp, unk, ROK-unk
51H, 351 CR Co, unk, Germany-Bad Hersfeld
51K, 351 CR Co, ROK-unk
51M, 501st MI Bn, unk, Germany-unk
51P, 501st CR Group, unk, VA-Camp Pickett
51S, 51st SOC, unk, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
522, 522 CEWI Bn, unk, TX-Fort Hood
525, 525 MI Group, unk, RVN-unk
52A, 502d USASA Gp, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Augsburg
52B, 502d USASA Gp, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Baumholder
52D, 52nd Sig Svc Det, unk, Germany-Herzo Base
52K, 352 CR Co, unk, ROK-Seoul
52S, 52nd USASA SOC, unk, unk
53D, 503rd ???, unk, MA-Fort Devens
53P, 53rd SSC, unk, VA-Camp Pickett
53S, 53rd SSC, unk, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
54B, 504th ASA Gp, unk, NC-Fort Bragg-Hunter AAF
54M, 504th ASA Gp, unk, CA-Fort McArthur
54S, 54th SOC, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Berlin
565, Det 5/356 356th CR Co, Japan-Beppu
56J, 356th CR Co, unk, Japan-Matsushima/Yamato
56X, X/356, 356th CR Co, Japan-Camp Youngans
58M, 358th CR or ASA Co, unk, MA-Fort Devens
58Z, 508th USASA, unk, Panama Canal Zone-Ft Clayton
5AD, 5th ASA Det, unk, NM-White Sands Proving Ground
5CP, V US Corps, Hq 7th US Army, Germany-Frankfurt
5RD, Det D, 5th RRU, Thailand-Udorn
5RR, 5th RRU, unk, Thailand-Bangkok
5TN, 175th RR Co, unk, RVN-Tay Ninh
601, 601st ASA Co, 7th Inf Div, CA-Fort Ord
602, 602nd Det, unk, HI-Helemano
60A, Det A, 600th ASA, Italy-Ravenna
60B, Det B, 600th ASA, Italy-Brindisi (San Vito AFB)
60S, 60th Sig Svc Co, 2nd Sig Svc Bn, WA-Fort Lewis
60V, 600th, unk, Italy-Vicenza
61R, 601st RRU, 198th Inf Bde, RVN-unk
65M, 165th MI Bn, unk, Germany-Wiesbaden
65V, 265th RR Co, 101st Div, RVN-Camp Eagle
66M, 66th MI Gp, unk, Germany-Various
691, ASA Det @ 6901 AFSS, unk, Unk
6RS, 6th Rad Scty Det, unk, Jamaica-Vernam Field
6SK, 126th Sig Svc Co, unk, ROK-Seoul [poss same as 26C] [post WWII]
71V, 371st RR Co, unk, RVN-Phuc Vinh
722, 7224th DU, unk, Germany-Bad Aibling
72H, 372nd ASA ?, unk, HI-Helemano
73M, 713th MI Bn, unk, Germany-Augsburg
74A, 374th ASA Co, 502nd ASA Group, Germany-Augsburg
74C, 374th or 374th DSU, unk, CO-Fort Carson
74M, 704th MI Group, unk, MD-Fort Meade
74S, 74th ASA Co, unk, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
75I, 75th ASA Co, unk, Italy-Aviano
76S, 76th SOU, unk, Taiwan-Shu Lin Kou
77S, 77th SOU, unk, Germany-Offenbach
78S, 78th SOU, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Berlin
79S, 79th SOU, USASA Hq, AK-Shemya
7R?, Det ?/7th RRU, 7th RRU, Thailand-Chiengmai
7RC, Det C/7th RRU, 7th RRU, Thailand-Ubol
7RU, 7th RRU, unk, RVN-Saigon
7RZ, Det ?/7th RRU, 7th RRU, Thailand-Utapao
7TH, 7th RRFS, unk, Thailand-Udorn
81S, 81st USASA SOU, unk, HI-Helemano
82H, 182nd ASA Co, unk, Germany-Herzo Base
83A, 83rd ???, unk, Germany-Bad Aibling
83T, 83rd RRSOU, unk, Thailand-Bangkok
84A, 184th Avn Det, unk, RVN-Nha Trang
851, 851st ASA Co-3rd Inf D, 307th ASA Bn, Germany-Kitzingen
852, 852nd CR Det, unk, France-Paris
853, 853rd Comm Recon Det, unk, Germany-Heidelberg
856, 856th RRD/b, 199th Bde, RVN-unk
85A, 856th ASA Co, unk, Germany-Augsburg
85F, 856th ASA Co, unk, Germany-Frankfurt-Hoechst
8RV, 8th RRFS, 509th RRG, RVN-Phu Bai
91Z, 6901 Spec Comm Gp (Jt Ops), unk, Germany-Zweibruecken
92S, 9th Det-2nd Sig Svc Bn, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Philippines-Clark AFB
9DS, ? (9th Div Spt) , unk, RVN-unk
AAK, OARMA (Attache) , n/a, ROK-unk
ABD, USASA Board, USASA Hq, VA-Arlington Hall Station
ADS, USA Air Def School, n/a, TX-Fort Bliss
AEA, USASA Europe Hq, USASA Hq, Germany-Augsburg
AEF, USASA Europe Hq, USASA Hq, Germany-Frankfurt
AEH, USASA Eur Hq [dy sta Hbg], ASAE, Germany-Heidelberg
AEP, American Embassy, n/a, France-Paris
AEU, USAREUR Hq, Dept Army, Germany-Heidelberg
AFN, AFSA/NSA, Dept Defense, VA-Arlington Hall Station
AFS, US Air Force Security Service (USAFSS), Dept Air Force, Various
AHG, USA Garrison AHS, USASA Hq, VA-Arlington Hall Station
AHL, Language School, USASA Hq, VA-Arlington Hall Station
AHS, Arlington Hall [generic], n/a, VA-Arlington Hall Station
AIB, ASAFS Bad Aibling, unk, Germany-Bad Aibling
AKK, Alaska [generic], n/a, AK-generic
ALK, USASA Alaska Hq, USASA Hq, AK-Fort Richardson
ALM, Army Language School, n/a, CA-Monterey
ALP, "Alpiners", n/a, Germany-Scheyern
ANC, Adv NCO Ed Syst (ANCOES), n/a, MA-Fort Devens
ANK, Ankara [generic], n/a, Turkey-Ankara
APA, USASAFE/PAC Hq, USASA Hq, Japan-Tokyo (Oji) til '57
APC, USASAOC, unk, ROK-Pyong Taek
APK, ASAPAC Ln/Advance, unk, ROK-unk
APZ, USASAFE/PAC Hq, USASA Hq, Japan-Tokyo (Zama] after '57
ARC, US Army Recruiting Cmd, n/a, Various
ARM, OCS-Armor, n/a, KY-Fort Knox
ARP, USARPAC Hq, n/a, HI-unk
ART, OCS-Artillery, n/a, OK-Fort Sill
ARV, USARV Hq, n/a, RVN-Saigon
ASA, USASA Hq, Dept Army, VA-Arlington Hall Station
ASC, USASA Security Co, unk, Germany-Augsburg
ASD, Det D [w/V Corps], USASA Security Co, Germany-unk
ASG, Det G [w/3rd Armd Div], USASA Security Co, Germany-unk
ASM, Asmara [generic], n/a, Ethiopia-Asmara-Eritrea
ASR, ASA Reserve Organizations, n/a, Various
ATC, ITAC, USASA Hq, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
AUG, Augsburg [generic], n/a, Germany-Augsburg
AUS, Hq ASA Austria, USASAEUR Hq, Austria-Salzburg [Truscott]
AV1, 1st ASA Avn Bn or Co, unk, TX-Fort Bliss
AWC, USA War College, unk, PA-Carlisle Barracks
AZC, USASA Ops Center, unk, AZ-Fort Huachuca
B13, 313th ASA Bn, unk, GA-Fort Benning
B70, 370th ASA Opns Co, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
BAD, Bad Aibling [generic], n/a, Germany-Bad Aibling
BAH, USAMRF, unk, Bahamas-Eleuthera
BAM, Bamberg [generic], n/a, Germany-Bamberg
BAR, A/319, 319th USASA Bn, Germany-Bahrdorf
BER, Berlin [generic], n/a, Germany-Berlin
BHN, Det A/17th FS, 17th FS, Germany-Bremerhaven
BKK, Bangkok [generic], n/a, Thailand-Bangkok
BLN, USASAFS Berlin, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Berlin
BLS, Fort Bliss [generic], n/a, TX-Fort Bliss
BMH, Baumholder [generic], n/a, Germany-Baumholder
BNB, Outstation of ???, unk, Germany-Bad Nieder Breisig
BRG, Fort Bragg [generic], n/a, NC-Fort Bragg
BWI, NSA FGGM Annex, NSA, MD-BWI Airport
C13, Co C, 313th ASA Bn, unk, WA-Fort Lewis
CAC, CACDA ????, n/a, KS-Fort Leavenworth
CAM, Fort Campbell [generic], n/a, KY-Fort Campbell
CAN, OCS-Artillery, n/a, KS-Fort Riley
CAR, USASA Caribbean Hq, USASA Hq, Panama Canal Zone-unk
CAS, ASACASDET, unk, MA-Fort Devens
CBG, ??? Det, unk, Germany-Coburg
CC3, C/303, 303d ASA Bn, WA-Fort Lewis
CCE, CINCEUR Hq, n/a, Germany-Stuttgart
CD1, USASACD Acty/Cmd, USASA Hq, VA-Arlington Hall Station
CEW, USA Combat Surv & EW Sch, n/a, AZ-Fort Huachuca
CGG, Combined Group Germany, unk, Germany-Various
CGS, USAC&GSC, n/a, KS-Fort Leavenworth
CLA, Fort Clayton [generic], n/a, Panama Canal Zone-Ft Clayton
CMG, CONUS MI Group, unk, MD-Fort Meade
CNP, CINCPAC, n/a, HI-unk
CSG, USACSG, unk, Germany-Heidelberg
CSN, Fort Carson [generic], n/a, CO-Fort Carson
CUE, ASA Comm Unit Europe, Hq ASA Eur, Germany-Frankfurt
CUJ, ASA Comm Unit Japan, Hq ASAPAC/ASAFE, Japan-Camp Drake
CUV, ASA Comm Unit VN, unk, RVN-unk
D12, Det 1/2SSBn, 2nd Sig Svc Bn, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
D13, Det 1/330, 330th RR Co, RVN-An Khe
D16, Co D/316, 316th ASA Bn, CA-Petaluma (TRRS)
D37, Det 1/372, 372d RR Co, RVN-unk
D42, Det 4/2SSB, 2nd Sig Svc Bn, Ethiopia-Asmara-Eritrea
DAK, ASA Det, USARAL, AK-Fort Richardson
DAR, DAR ???, unk, RVN-Tay Ninh
DAS, Dept of Army Staff, n/a, DC-Pentagon
DEC, ASAT&EC, unk, MA-Fort Devens
DEF, Ofc. of the Secretary of Defense, n/a, DC-Pentagon
DEV, Fort Devens [generic], n/a, MA-Fort Devens
DIA, Def. Intelligence Agency, n/a, DC,Pentagon
DLF, DLIFLC, n/a, unk
DLM, Def. Language School, n/a, CA-Monterey
DLW, Def. Language Inst. EC, n/a, DC
DPC, Personnel Processing Ctr, unk, MA-Fort Devens
DST, MACTHAI, n/a, Thailand-Bangkok
ECM, US Army Electronics Cmd, n/a, NJ-Fort Monmouth
EDL, Electronic Def Lab [spec tng], n/a, CA-Moffett NAS
EIC, Eur. Electronic Intell Ctr, n/a, Germany-Wiesbaden
EIL, Eielson AFB, n/a, AK-Eielson AFB
ENG, OCS-Engineer, n/a, VA-Fort Belvoir
EPG, USAEPG, unk, AZ-Fort Huachuca
ESH, ??? Det, unk, Germany-Eschwege
EUB, USEUCOM Hq, n/a, Belgium-Brussels
EUD, EUDAC , unk, Germany-Wiesbaden
EUP, USEUCOM Hq, n/a, France-Paris
F01, 1st ASA FS, USASA Hq, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
F01, 8601 AAU, USASA Hq, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
F01, FS Vint Hill, USASA Hq, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
F02, 2nd ASA FS, USASA Hq, CA-Petaluma (TRRS)
F02, 8602, USASA Hq, CA-Petaluma (TRRS)
F03, 3rd FS, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
F03, 8603 AAU, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
F04, 4th ASA FS, USASA Hq, Ethiopia-Asmara-Eritrea
F04, 8604 AAU, USASA Hq, Ethiopia-Asmara-Eritrea
F04, Kagnew Station, USASA Hq, Ethiopia-Asmara-Eritrea
F05, 5th USASAFS, USASAFE/PAC Hq, HI-Helemano
F05, 8605 AAU, USASAFE/PAC Hq, HI-Helemano
F06, 6th USASA FS, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Herzo Base
F06, 8606 AAU/DU, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Herzo Base
F07, 7th USASAFS, unk, AK-Wildwood-Kenai
F07, 8607, unk, AK-Wildwood-Kenai
F08, 8th FS, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Scheyern
F09, 8609 AAU, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Philippines-Clark AFB
F09, 9th USASAFS, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Philippines-Clark AFB
F10, 10th ASA FS, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Kyoto
F10, 8610, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Kyoto
F11, 11th ASA FS, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Baumholder
F11, 8611, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Baumholder
F12, 12th ASA FS, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Chitose
F12, 8612 AAU, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Chitose
F12, Kuma Station, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Chitose
F13, 13th USASAFS, USASAEUR Hq, England-Harrogate
F13, 8613, USASAEUR Hq, England-Harrogate
F13, Menwith Hills Station, USASAEUR Hq, England-Harrogate
F14, 14th ASA FS, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Hakata
F14, 8614, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Hakata
F14, USASAFS Hakata, USASAFE/PAC Hq, Japan-Hakata
F16, 16th FS, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Herzo Base
F17, 8617 DU, USASA Hq, VA-Arlington Hall Station
F18,18th USASAFS, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Bad Aibling
F7Y, Detachment, 7th USASAFS, AK-Shemya
F8B, 8608 AAU, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Bad Aibling
F8N, 8th FS Det, 8th FS, Germany-Nottau
F8S, 8608 AAU/DU, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Scheyern
F8W, 8608 AAU/DU Det, 8608 AAU/DU, Austria-Wels
FCM, FORSCOM, n/a, GA-Fort McPherson
FHD, Fort Hood [generic], n/a, TX-Fort Hood
FHF, ASA FHFS ?, unk, MA-Fort Devens
FRA, Frankfurt-Germany [generic], n/a, Germany-Frankfurt
FRN, Fort Richardson [generic], n/a, AK-Fort Richardson
FSA, USASAFS Augsburg, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Augsburg
FSB, 8620, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Berlin
FSK, USASAFS Korea, unk, ROK-Camp Humphries
FSP, Field Station Panama, unk, Panama Canal Zone-unk
FTR, FORCECOM/TRADOC, Dept Army, TX-Fort Bliss
GAM, Gambell (generic), n/a, AK-Gambell
GAU, EUCOM Intell & MP Sch, n/a, Germany-O'gau
GFW, Goodfellow AFB, n/a, TX-Goodfellow AFB
GLN, Great Lakes Nav Tng Ctr, n/a, IL-Great Lakes
GMS, Ordnance G/Missile Sch, n/a, AL-Redstone Arsenal
GPC, USASA Provisional Cmd, unk, Germany-Augsburg
GTW, Detachment, unk, Germany-Gartow
H17, 317th ASA Bn, unk, TX-Fort Hood
H26, 326th ASA Co, 6th ASAFS, FL-Homestead AFB
HAF, Hunter Army Air Field, n/a, GA-Fort Stewart
HAW, Hawaii [generic], n/a, HI-unk
HBD, Fort Holabird [generic], n/a, MD-Fort Holabird
HBN, Heilbronn [generic], n/a, Germany-Heilbronn
HDF, Det ?, unk, Germany-Handorf
HEC, ASAT&EC, Hq USASA, AZ-Fort Huachuca
HEL, A Co, 319th ASA Bn, Germany-Helmstedt/Heidwinkel
HER, Herzo Base [generic], n/a, Germany-Herzo Base
HFL, USASAFS [& generic], unk, FL-Homestead AFB
HRZ, USASAFS Herzo, USASAEUR Hq, Germany-Herzo Base
HSC, Spec Ops Cmd [52nd?], unk, AZ-Fort Huachuca
HUA, Fort Huachuca [generic], n/a, AZ-Fort Huachuca
HUM, Camp Humphries [generic], n/a, ROK-unk
ICA, ICAF, n/a, VA-Fort Monroe
ICV, I Corps-ARVN, n/a, RVN-Danang/Hue
IDA, USDAO AmEmb Teheran, n/a, Iran-Teheran
IFA, FS Augsburg (INSCOM), unk, Germany-Augsburg
INA, INSCOM Hq, n/a, VA-Arlington Hall Station
INB, INSCOM Hq, n/a, VA-Fort Belvoir
INF, OCS-Infantry, n/a, GA-Fort Benning
INU, INSCOM Asgmts [post 1976], n/a, Various
IRN, Iranian Spt Group, unk, Iran-Teheran
ISD, USAISD, unk, MA-Fort Devens (USAIS)
ISG, INSCOM Spt Gp, INSCOM Hq, MD-Fort Meade
ITY, Italy [generic], n/a, Italy-Various
J51, 51st SSD, unk, Japan-Chitose
JCS, Ofc. of Joint Chiefs of Staff, n/a, DC-Pentagon
JIG, Joint Intelligence Group, Dept Defense, DC-Pentagon
JMT, JUSMMAT, n/a, Turkey-Ankara
JSP, JSPC, NSA & NSA/CSS Hq, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
K01, 301st CR Bn, unk, ROK-Uijongbu
KAF, Alamo Station & CSOC, unk, TX-Kelly AFB
KAM, US NavSec GruActy, NSGA Hq, Japan-Kami Seya
KAT, A Co, 501st MI Bn, Germany-Katterbach
KBB, Fort Kobbe [generic], n/a, Panama Canal Zone-Ft Kobbe
KDA, USDAO AmEmb Seoul, n/a, ROK-Seoul
KIN, Okinawa [generic], n/a, Japan-Okinawa
KRA, Korea [generic], n/a, ROK-unk
KRT, US Army Thailand, n/a, Thailand-Korat
KUN, FS Kunia, USASAFE/PAC Hq, HI-Helemano
L1A, USASA Ln Det-1st US, USASA Hq, NY-Gov's Is.
L2A, USASA Ln Det-2nd USA, USASA Hq, MD-Ft. Meade
L3A, USASA Ln Det-3rd USA, USASA Hq, GA-Fort McPherson
L4A, USASA Ln Det-4th USA, USASA Hq, TX-Houston
L5A, USASA Ln Det-5th USA, USASA Hq, IL-Chicago
L6A, USASA Ln Det 36-6th USA, USASA Hq, CA-Presidio of SF
LDA, USASA Ln Det DA, USASA Hq, DC-Pentagon
LGM, ASA Ln Group, USASA Hq, MD-Fort Meade
LSC, ASA Logistics Spt Cmd , unk, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
LTF, Adv Lang Tng Fac, n/a, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
LUB, B/319, 319th Bn, Germany-Lübeck
MAH, Det L1, unk, Germany-Mahring/Tirschnreuth
MAT, MAAG Taiwan, n/a, Taiwan-Taipei
MCV, MACV Hq, n/a, RVN-Saigon
MEA, Fort Meade [generic], n/a, MD-Fort Meade
MEM, Det. ??, unk, Germany-Memmingen
MIS, ASAFS Misawa, unk, Japan-Misawa
MSE, USASAMSC Eur, USASAMSC, Germany-Augsburg
MST, Project MASTER, n/a, TX-Fort Hood
MTM, Mount Meissner, unk, Germany-Mount Meissner
MUL, USNS Joseph E Muller, n/a, Various
NAM, Naval Air Station Memphis, n/a, TN-Memphis
NAS, Naval Aircraft School, n/a, Unk
NAT, NATO Hq, n/a, Belgium-Brussels
NAV, Naval Security Group Asgmt, n/a, Worldwide
NCS, ??????, ????, ????
NIS, Naval Intell Sch, n/a, MD-Anacostia
NME, Nome, n/a, AK-Nome
NPR, unk, NSGA, Puerto Rico-Sabena Seca
NSA, NSA & NSA/CSS, n/a, MD-Fort Meade
NSF, NSAEUR, NSA & NSA/CSS Hq, Germany-Frankfurt
NSG, NSAEUR, NSA & NSA/CSS Hq, Germany-Stuttgart
NSJ, NSA Japan, NSA & NSA/CSS Hq, Japan-unk
NSP, NSA LO Pasadena, NSA & NSA/CSS Hq, CA-Pasadena
NSS, NSA @ NavSecSta, NSA & NSA/CSS Hq, MD-Naval Security Station
NSX, NSA Tempo X Bldg, NSA, DC
PAK, USASOU 23, unk, Pakistan-Peshwar
PAS, ??? Det, unk, Germany-Passau
PEC, PACOM ELINT Ctr, unk, Japan-Fuchu
PEN, NCTC Pensacola, n/a, FL-Pensacola NAS
PHU, Phu Bai [generic], n/a, RVN-Phu Bai
PHX, Phoenix Project, unk, RVN-unk
PKG, Det, Bad Aibling, Germany-Pocking
PKN, Pakistan [generic], n/a, Pakistan-Various
PKT, Camp Pickett [generic], n/a, VA-Camp Pickett
PPP, USASA PP&P Det, unk, SC-Fort Jackson
PRV, Pre-Viet Nam Training, n/a, CA-Petaluma (TRRS)
R2S, Region II SIGSEC Det, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
RBN, USNS Robinson, n/a, Various
RCJ, Joint Comm Relay Center, unk, Japan-Camp Drake
REA, USASA Fld Rep, USASA Hq, AZ-Phoenix
REC, USASA Fld Rep, USASA Hq, OH-Cleveland
RED, USASA Fld Rep, USASA Hq, TX-Dallas
REH, USASA Fld Rep, USASA Hq, PA-Harrisburg
REK, USASA Fld Rep, USASA Hq, CA-Oakland
REL, USASA Fld Rep, USASA Hq, OK-Oklahoma City
REM, USASA Fld Rep, USASA Hq, IA-Des Moines
REP, USASA Fld Rep, USASA Hq, PA-Philadelphia
RES, USASA Fld Rep, USASA Hq, WA-Seattle
RGT, ASA Tng Regt, USASATC&S, MA-Fort Devens
RHB, ??? Det at Herzo Base, unk, Germany-Herzo Base
RIL, Fort Riley [generic], n/a, KS-Fort Riley
RIM, Det. N, unk, Germany-Rimbach
RRI, USASA TARAT R. Reg 1, unk, NJ-Fort Dix
RTH, FS Rothwesten, unk, Germany-Rothwesten
RTS, Duty Station, unk, Spain-Rota
RVN, Viet Nam [generic], n/a, RVN-unk
RWN, Rothwesten [generic], n/a, Germany-Rothwesten
S02, SRU #2. Unk, Germany-unk
S05, SRU #5, unk, unk
S07, SRU #7, unk, Greenland,Thule
S15, SRU #15, unk, Australia-Ipswich
S17, SRU #17, unk, HI-Helemano
S20, SRU #20, unk, Iran-Teheran
SAB, USASAB (?), unk, MA-Fort Devens
SAD, SAD III, unk, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
SAE, ASA Systems Acty Europe, unk, Germany-unk
SAH, ASA School AHS, USASA Hq, VA-Arlington Hall Station
SAK, Shemya [generic], n/a, AK-Shemya
SAT, FS San Antonio, n/a, TX-Kelly AFB
SBE, USASAFS Sobe/Okinawa, unk, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
SBG, Det J, unk, Germany-Schneeberg
SBI, FS Sobe [INSCOM], unk, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
SBN, USASA Spt Bn, unk, AZ-Fort Huachuca
SBR, Sabretooth II, unk, Thailand-Unk
SCB, ASA School, USASA Hq, PA-Carlisle Barracks
SCL, SACLANT, n/a, VA-Norfolk
SCM, Eastern SigC Crypto Sch, n/a, NJ-Fort Monmouth
SCV, Eastern SigC Crypto Sch, unk, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
SD3, SAD III, unk, MA-Fort Devens
SD6, Security Detachment 6th USA, n/a, CA-Presidio of SF
SDB, SIGSEC Det, unk, NC-Fort Bragg
SDH, USASA Sec Det, unk, HI-unk
SDJ, Security Detachment Okinawa, unk, Japan-Okinawa-Sobe
SDK, SAD III, unk, ROK-Pyong Taek
SDM, Security Detachment 3rd USA, unk, GA-Fort McPherson
SEM, Seminole Station, unk, FL-Homestead AFB
SEM, Seminole Station, UNK, FL-Homestead AFB
SET, SETAF, n/a, Italy-Vicenza
SFD, ASA School, USASA Hq, MA-Fort Devens
SFH, ASA School, USASA Hq, AZ-Fort Huachuca
SGM, ASA Support Group, USASA Hq, MD-Fort Meade
SGN, Saigon (generic), n/a, RVN-Saigon
SHP, SHAPE Hq, n/a, Belgium-Brussels
SHU, ASAFS Shoulinku, unk, Taiwan-Shu Lin Kou
SID, Sig Sec Det. D [SID ETOUSA], unk, unk
SIG, OCS-Signal Corps, USA Signal School, NJ-Fort Monmouth
SIS, Sig Intell Svc [pre-ASA], n/a, Various
SLG, Det. A, 17th FS, Germany-Schleswig
SLK, SUSLAK, unk, ROK-unk
SMA, USA Sgt Maj's Academy, n/a, TX-Fort Bliss
SMC, Spec Msn to China, unk, China-various
SMG, MAAG School, n/a, NC-Fort Bragg
SMI, Military Intelligence Sch, n/a, MD-Fort Holabird
SNN, Det. ??, unk, Germany-Schöningen
SPC, ASA Southern Cmd, USASA Hq, Panama Canal Zone-unk
SRI, SSO Office-Hq USARYIS, unk, Japan-Okinawa-unk
SSC, USASA SIGSEC Cmd, unk, GA-Savannah
SSG, The Signal School, n/a, GA-Fort Gordon
SSM, The Signal School, n/a, NJ-Fort Monmouth
STC, AFSTC, unk, unk
STR, ASA School TRRS, USASA Hq, CA-Two Rock Ranch Station
SUL, SUSLO Det, NSA & NSA/CSS Hq, England-Cheltenham (GCHQ)
SVH, ASA School VHFS, USASA Hq, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
SWC, Signals Warfare Center, USASA Hq, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
SYA, USASAFS Shemya, USASA Hq, AK-Shemya
T04, TUSLOG Det 4, USASAEUR Hq, Turkey-Sinop
T27, TUSLOG Det 27, USASAEUR Hq, Turkey-Ankara
T36, Adv Tm #36 (COMUSMACV), unk, RVN-Pleiku
T42, TUSLOG Det 4-2, TUSLOG DET 4, Turkey-Adana (Incirlik)
T44, TUSLOG Det 4-4, TUSLOG DET 4, Turkey-Karamusel
TAG, TAG School, n/a, IN-Fort Benjamin Harrison
TAI, Thailand [generic], n/a, Thailand
TDA, Detachment A, unk, Taiwan-unk
TDC, Detachment C, unk, Taiwan-unk
TKY, 8621 DU, unk, Japan-Tokyo
TMS, TUSLOG Det ??, USASAEUR Hq, Turkey-Manzarali Sta (Ankara)
TRA, TRADOC (CONARC/TRADOC), Dept of the Army, VA-Fort Monroe
TRS, Two Rock Ranch Sta [generic], USASA Hq, CA-Petaluma (TRRS)
TRX, TAREX, n/a, Various
TS9, Tactical Spt Elem, 9th Inf Div, unk, WA-Fort Lewis
TST, PAC Thtr Tech Spt Tm, ASAPAC, Japan-Oki-Sobe
TSW, ASA Tactical Spt Element, unk, Germany-Würzburg
TWN, Taiwan Generic, n/a, Taiwan
U10, 8620 DU, Unit 10, Various
U10, Unit 10, USASA Hq, VA-Arlington Hall Station
UBN, Det J, 7th RRFS, Thailand-Ubon Thani
UDP, Officer Undergrad Deg Prog, unk, unk
USB, US Embassy, n/a,Thailand-Bangkok
USS, US Embassy, n/a, RVN-Saigon
VBH, Bien Hoa [generic], n/a, RVN-Bien Hoa
VHF, Vint Hill Farms [generic], n/a, VA-Warrenton (VHFS)
VLC, Vietnamese Lang. Crs, n/a, TX-Fort Bliss
VNL, Vietnamese Lang. Crs, n/a, TX-Biggs Field
W09, w/9th Div, unk, RVN-unk
W25, w/25th Div, unk, RVN-unk
WAS, Det. J-2, unk, Germany-Wasserkuppe
WBK, Det. Y, unk, Germany-Wobeck
WHC, White House Comm Agcy, n/a, DC
WLT, Fort Wolters [generic], n/a, TX-Camp/Fort Wolters
WLW, ASA Det, unk, MO-Fort Leonard Wood
WWT, Fort Wainwright [generic], n/a, AK-Fort Wainwright
ZTS, PAC Thtr Tech Spt Tm, ASAPAC, Japan-Tokyo-Oji
ZZA, Unit data lost